Thanks ma, now some sideboob

Rihanna’s Twitter feed must be a nightmare for her mother.

The singer sure loves to share. Nothing is out of bounds. So one moment she’ll be sending out her love and thanks to her family, the next she’s posting major sideboob.

Rihanna gushed a whole lot of social media love for her mum on Mother’s Day. In her own RiRi way, the tweet was sweet although most people would have avoided using the word bitch in a message to their mother.

“Her attitude Rihanna, she got it from her mama!!!…. Happy Mother’s Day beautiful!! What a lucky little bitch I am to have come from you! You showed me real strength, how to be independent, how to love and be loved, not to judge people or their situations, how to forgive, how to learn from every mistake I make, how to be hospitable, how to do my makeup, cook, clean, not to lower my standards for anything or anyone! DOLLY taught you so well, I can only imagine how incredibly proud of you she is !!! I am who I am because that’s all I’ve known!! Thank you for all that you’ve endured to make sure I got here, with a smile!! I could never repay you, you’re PRICELESS!!! My gem!!! #mommy #happymothersday #mamasgal #mynumber1”

A couple of days later, mama’s little girl showed some more attitude and flashed some skin for her fans.

Jocking my $h**!!! #rihverisland

— Rihanna (@rihanna) May 12, 2013

The picture on her Instagram account showed her “jocking” – defintion: to engage in flirtatious behavior with another – in an all-denim ensemble from the River Island collection she launched a few months ago.

Rihanna’s Twitter feed is no stranger to rude pictures of Rihanna, but ever since she broke up with Chris Brown, there have been more of them than usual.

Which must make her mother proud.

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