Shortland St comp: Born to love Shorty

To celebrate Shortland St turning 21 this month, we’re asking fans to write about how much they love the show. The best submission will win the chance to interview stars of the show live on Here, Jared Williams describes a very special moment.

I’ve been watching Shortland Street ever since I was born. Quite literally. It was on TV When my mum was giving birth to me.

When I was five I tried to break my leg so I could get treated by one of the show’s doctors.

I’ve only ever met (well, seen in real life) one Shortland Street star, though. That was Amanda Billing, aka Dr Sarah Potts. She was driving along the Auckland motorway and patting her husband on the head. Best day of my life! LOL!

The questions I’d like to ask the actors if I got to interview them are:

– Have you ever fallen in love with one of your co-stars (I’m all about the deep questions.)

– What is one thing you like/dislike about the job

– What other character on the show do you think you’d want to play

– Who was your favourite character on the show

– What’s your favourite Disney movie

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