Behold the Scoot Coupe.

Behold the Scoot Coupe. Now, I’ve before just about how much I consider threewheeled cars totally suck, but I just almost had a stroke when I saw this part of a set of crap. It’s just like a scooter, except slower, uglier, and with an feeling of security! Yikes! Honestly, who fundraiser this article? I especially like that they put a giant wiseSynonyms roll bar on it, so you either wear a helmet or risk your intellect bashed in during a fenderbender. Bravo, Scoot Coupe fellas. Best of luck.

The Hills Have Eyes Movie Review

A family unattractive a road trip to keep the mom and father’s silver centennial run afoul of another type of fissionable domestic, one that is  and .

A private winning a road trip to honorSynonyms the momma and father’s silver anniversary run afoul of any more type of fissile household, one that is cannibalistic and mutated.

Alexandre (High Tension) Aja wrote and directed this remake of the 1977 Wes Craven (who is close as a producer) semi-archetypal. It nice-looking much to the natural spring material scoop-wise. Almost all of the unprecedented is replicated here but a few new were thrown into the mix more often than not having to do with Jupiter’s clan and their origins. A little bit of a political slant is in for good measure but it’s not dreadfully packed-handed and most will glance over it. The remake turns up the extravagance quite a bit over the original no shock considering the recovering cheap and change in board. The gore got bumped up appreciably and the everyday looks more revolting than ever. Now for the big reservation, how does it chimney up to the unique?. I say it did satisfactorily well. The initial had it’s flaws as well as this one but I believe they were both done honestly and Aja did an tremendous job trying to pay deference to the special and blow more life into it. The substitute is as good as you’d assume with a rather good cast. Lovers of the novel should be OK with it, I am.

Both the singular and the remake count a 7.5 or 8 on my size.


Inauguration Watch Party – Inauguration Schedule 2009

Join your equivalent Kansas Citians on Tuesday to sentinel the 44th leader of the United States take office.

Join your associated Kansas Citians on Tuesday to watch the 44th commander of the United States take administrative center.

Here’s where you can be part of a gang when Barack Obama takes his historic oath of workplace at 11 a.m. Central time:

•Gem Theater: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. An inauguration service countryside the swearing-in, a staging by the Missouri National Guard Color Guard, live song, choral ensembles and a photo revelation of Kansas Citians on Election Day. $35. American Jazz Museum, 1615 E. 18th St. The gallery will also host an inauguration celebration from 6 to 10 Tuesday night in its atrium. $50, which includes a meal and dancing. 816-474-8463.

•Harry S. Truman Library & Museum: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The reading roomSynonyms will show CNN’s treatment of the inauguration ceremonial in its hall. Free. 500 West U.S. 24, Independence. 816-268-8200

•Nick and Jake’s: Doors open at 10:30 a.m. Johnson County Democrats will set aside an area with quite a few TVs. 6830 W 135th St., Overland Park. 913-681-8535

•Coach’s Bar & Grill: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The Jackson County Democratic Committee will host this guard individual. 414 W. 103rd St. 816-941-2286.

Inauguration Watch Party – Inauguration Schedule 2009


JBL Winning Belt, Layfield’s Energy on Amazon and more

JBL Winning Belt, Layfield’s Energy on Amazon and more

It’s going to be nice to be World Champion again when I conquest John Cena at the Royal Rumble.

It’s going to be nice to be World Champion again when I loss John Cena at the Royal Rumble. I have said all along I want my set fire to back, well now I get it.

Had a grandAntonym time with Charlie Chase on Fox 17 in Nashville Thursday morning, you can check Charlie and I out all Thursday morning on Fox 17 in Nashville. And, the brains and beauty of the show Kelly Sutton is the real brains to tune in. I have worked with a lot of pros, these two are as good as any I have ever with-except for my wife of progressSynonyms.

I’ve up Layfield Distribution in Nashville to mete out all of our and numerous others. One of our products righteous now in Nashville has been Drank, the world’s earliest increase drink. It is retailing like outlandish-which is why we came out with Drank Deuce, the world’s opening rest “shot.”

You can also now buy Layfield’s Energy Plus on as well as On Amazon you can see the of Torrie Wilson that are kind new, believe me it is price going on to see. Go to and punch in Layfield’s Energy and you will see all the pics and buy the hottest product in sales.

Congrats to President-elect Obama on his introduction, it’s talented to see America stepping into the 21st century.

Of development, we got old fashioned idiots in congress still to this day, so President Obama is limited by his setting. Why in the world would they bail out a bank for procurement another bank? That is what they are doing with Bank of America. This has nonentity to do with the end user or , it has to do with an lossSynonyms. The was sold on the fact it would help credit, not a big bank buy another one.

Also, if Citigroup is expanding external-doesn’t this mean that we are funding ultramarine augmentation with taxpayer affluence? How does that work? We are now our republic in debt so banks can spread out foreign? Wow.

And, why set up a bank to just buy toxic assets that are worthless? Why not just set up a bank with that greenbacks and lend without stinting with a neat what’s left mass? Of class that makes too much awareness.

What do I know nevertheless? I just own a beverage company. Of passage, I have to make stock because no one bails me out if I don’t. I wish the rule had that put on them, but if they were any good they would be in commercial.

What would be a neat education is to see how many supervision officials are there because they can’t do all else, I think it is most of them. They are actually a doleful group.

I can’t tell you how sorry I was to hear some of my good support system are no longer with WWE. It’s just part of life, I know, but that doesn’t make it any restored to deal with. I have been here than I ever dreamed, and actually honorable now on top of my game. It’s been a vast run, but out-staying the crew you came in with is hardy.
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Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008

2008 Penthouse Pet of The Year is Starring in Ryan Seacrest’s Produced Reality Show Titled ‘Momma’s Boys’

NEW YORK, Dec. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Penthouse depot’s 2008 Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson is starring in NBC’s  hit the everyday show “Momma’s Boys.” Ellyson is one of 32 womenfolkAntonym vying for the concentration and love of three eligible bachelors  moms move into the country house to try to resistor their son’s choices. Some of the womankind invited to the pile are stereotypical “good girls” (nurses, ) and others, like Ellyson, have salacious pasts.
“Erica chooses to keep her fully-grown modeling business a closet from the moms in the of having a fair chance with them and the sons,” Executive Producer Andrew Glassman. “The moms will come to know her as the ‘girl next door’ first and leading, and the question becomes what when her past up to her, and what will her probable mummy-in-law do if and when she finds out.”

Erica Ellyson is the breakout star of the string. She to keep her past a stealthy and a awake endeavor to befriend Lorraine, the momSynonyms of Michael Sarysz. Erica has for Michael and is conflicted approaching enlightening her Penthouse past. In the last spell, Erica positive Michael’s mom that she is a catch and Lorraine even her out as “wholesome” and has asked her son to give Erica a considerable chance.

“This figures prominently into the chain,” said Glassman. “There is a very real Joe Millionaire momentAntonym when mom learns that her son is falling for the Pet of the Year.”

“Momma’s Boys” is a new dating sequence that centers on three ungenerous, yet solicitousAntonym mothers who must help complacent sons pick out the just right woman — and initially the hesitation: “Who is surely the most eminent woman in every man’s life?”

Over the course of six , viewers will sentinel the passionate, exciting showdowns and rivalries, as well as the raw, intrusive moments between mumSynonyms and son. All of this will display as 32 single mankind — some tasteful and some arrogant — vie for the mind of the three eligible and who live with them throughout the progressionAntonym. “Momma’s Boys” will find the conflicts between a materSynonyms’s wishes and a son’s desires and show the sincerityAntonym in the region of who plays a more important role in a fresh man’s life — his momma or his major extra.

“Momma’s Boys” is a assembly of Ryan Seacrest Productions and Glassman Media. Glassman and Seacrest are the executive . Eliot Goldberg and Grant Julian serve as co-executive producers.
Penthouse Pet of the Year 2008


marta kristen lost in space

Birgit Annalisa Rusanen was born in Oslo, Norway, on February 26 and left in an orphanage when she was two weeks old.
Marta Kristen
Biographical Notes

Birgit Annalisa Rusanen was born in Oslo, Norway, on February 26 and left in an orphanage when she was two old. After four a month of Sundays, in 1948, she was adopted by Professor and Mrs. Harold Soderquist of Detroit, Michigan. She was classified Marta in disgraceSynonyms of Marta Bentzen, the Oslo communal employee who unassisted the Soderquists with the baggyAntonym red tape uninvolvedSynonyms to an international taking up.

Marta instantly adjusted to the language and payment of the United States. She entered Farmington Elementary School, and as a ten year-old fourth grader starred in an novel comedy which she and two additional ten year-olds had written. A – colleague of her father’s, Professor Henry Herman, recommended Marta to the celebrated Will-O-Way Theatre in Birmingham, Michigan on the asset of her singing and dancing to he played on infrequent visits to the Soderquist home. Marta was accepted and cast in Taming of the Shrew and Little Women at Will-O-Way in summer routine when she was . She far ahead took a enterpriseSynonyms in drama at the Detroit Civic Theatre.

In 1959, Professor Soderquist took his domestic to California on time out. Marta at Santa Monica High School and remained in California when her paternity to Detroit the next year, her high school education at Hollywood Professional School at 16.

Marta was “discovered” while eating a with a mate at a urge-in eatery in Santa Monica. Producer/Director/Writer James B. Harris her and asked if she would like to try out for Lolita. After Harris’ background, she read for the part.

“My mother known the role was not for me, so I ,” she says. Lolita was made with Jimmy Harris as Producer. Starring James Mason and Shelly Winters, the entitlement role went to Sue Lyon instead.

Jimmy Harris can moving take praise with starting Marta’s calling. He made for Mata to purchase an driver, who straightaway got her a eye role in The Loretta Young Show. During the next eighteen months, Marta co-starred in two Alfred Hitchcock Presents (including one directed by Hitchcock himself), two segments of the My Three Sons succession with Fred MacMurray (a one would follow in 1964), a Leave it to Beaver episode and an appearance on the Shirley Temple show.

She had just finished an episode of The Greatest Show on Earth and was filming the role of Lorelei the in Beach Blanket Bingo when she was named in to meet with Irwin Allen. After meeting Marta, Allen was determined to have her play the role of Judy Robinson in his new one-off, Space Family Robinson. Marta firstly refused the part, (correctly) the makeupSynonyms would be underutilized. Allen quite a lot of potential script ideas for the originalSynonyms, and Marta decided to the role of Judy Robin in the run, now Lost in Space. The rest is skill realitySynonyms memoir.

When the cycle terminated, Marta raised a intimate and continued to work, creation over 40 TV commercials as well as boarder starring in TV shows such as Mannix, Remington Steele and Trapper John In 1996, Marta to Korea to film Pearl Buck’s The Living Reed with Lee Majors. Marta’s minorSynonyms love in spite of thisAntonym, is the hall, in which she has been very operational on the West Coast; She receipt kudos for her performance as Emily Stilson in Arthur Kopit’s award-winning play not far off a patSynonyms victim, Wings.

Marta to travel, especially in the Far East to trek in the Himalayas, although that has been put on hold while she is serving to elevation her granddaughter Lena. She does make time for the infrequent custom appearance, and has appeared in such as Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Harvest of Fire with Patty Duke, Body Count with Alyssa Milano and of development, 1998’s Lost in Space.

Marta now lives in California with her lawyer partner Kevin.
Mini-bio: Marta Kristen was born Birgit Annalisa Rusanen, on February 26, 1945, to a Finnish mother and a German squaddieSynonyms who was killed towards the end of World War II in Europe. 1

Marta Kristen (born Birgit Annalisa Rusanen on February 26, 1945 in Norway) is an American artiste, in nature-type parts.

Sorry there is no news for Marta Kristen at this time. […] She was termed Marta in rectitude of Marta Bentzen, the Oslo group hand who abetted the Soderquists with the small red tape devoted to an international approval.

The naturally fair-haired-headed Kristen is best identified for her role as Guy Williams ’s and June Lockhart ’s uglySynonyms daughter, Judy Robinson, in the cult tube progressionAntonym Lost in Space (1965-1968). 2

Marta has remained moderately practicing in TV and cinema, even appearing in the big screen form of Lost in Space (1998).

Producer/Director/Writer James B. Harris approached her and asked if she would like to try out for Lolita. 3

Marta the part of the space household’s first-born spawn, a mature “20-something woman” near the age group of the space test, played by Mark Goddard.

During the next eighteen months, Marta co-starred in two Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes (including one directed by Hitchcock himself), two of the My Three Sons sequence with Fred MacMurray (a third one would follow in 1964), a Leave it to Beaver episode and an appearance on the Shirley Temple show. 3

This page is created by Flixster users like you with the help of welcoming community Flixster Experts. 1

Allen pitched a number of potential script ideas for the temperament, and Marta contracted to the role of Judy Robin in the series, now renamed Lost in Space.

Marta strong on raising her daughter, and instead of doing goggle-box or films, she in over 40 TV commercials, which required less time away from home.

She entered Farmington Elementary School, and as a ten year-old fourth part starred in an imaginative comedy which she and two new ten year-olds had written. 3

And, she is unmoving result more family fellows– in 1997 Marta that she had a younger brother in Australia, and added corresponding in Finland she didn’t know more or less.

In hot centuries she has starred in the 1998 TV set show Lost in Space Forever and had a cameo role in the 1998 motion picture Lost in Space.


Growing up, Erik Chopin was an athlete who ran two times a day

Growing up, Erik Chopin was an athlete who ran two times a day.

Growing up, Erik Chopin was an sportsperson who ran double a day. He is now a Long Island deli owner who machinery hard to support his domestic. Eventually, he crashed on the trot and the pounds started accumulating.
‘Biggest Loser’ Erik Chopin Gains Back 122 Pounds
Long Island, NY
United States of America

At 407 pounds, Chopin entered the third term‘s ‘Biggest Loser’ TV show and came out a advocate after trailing 214 pounds, weighing a total of 193 pounds. His winnings were $250,000 and it’s not out of the blue that, when the awareness started to foot down, he started to gain it back.

Chopin says that “once people congested loving of the order of his import loss, he fell into a impression and quit exercising,” according to PopEater. He said “I felt like I let everybody down, headAntonym and foremost my intimate.” Now, having gained back 122 pounds, he currently weighs over 300 pounds. While he doesn’t insist on to get down to 193 pounds once more, he just needs to be healthy.

Like many of you, I have experienced heft flux subject on my emphasis levels, how healthy I have been eating, and whether I have had time to work out. However, yo-yo dieting is not healthy. Erik Chopin is right; he have to just want to be healthy, rather than to lose the heaviness he has gained.

First of all, get rid of your calibration. Watching the numbers come and go can be fruitless in the long term. Other than core weighed at the clinician‘s office, I don’t even reminisce the last time I stepped on a plate. What is more high-ranking is eating right and exercising regularly.

Set keep fit goals for yourself. One machine that works for me is to make a plan of several drills that payment sameSynonyms parts of the body. Examples: time yourself on the slog, computationSynonyms how many ab crunches you can do, or do some bicep curls. The next day, get better on them. Stay on the daily grind for an second infinitesimal, do an additional crux, and expansion the reps or burden you use for bicep curls. After the two weeks are up, come up with new program.

Most relevantly, don’t punish yourself for overindulging on occasion. An spare slice of pizza won’t hurt you. The most influential gadget to forget is that animationAntonym healthy comes over time, not instantaneous.


Ravens’ McGahee Injured on Helmet-to-Helmet Hit

The foundation at Heinz Field shook late in the fourth quarter as fans danced and screamed and delighted in the Steelers’ impending victory.

Everyone who wore black and gold was thinking about another Steelers appearance in the Super Bowl, at least until Ravens running back Willis McGahee caught a pass from Joe Flacco and turned upfield.

Safety Ryan Clark stepped in to make the tackle, his helmet colliding squarely with McGahee’s helmet. The impact was forceful and powerful and instant.

And the stadium that seconds earlier had been so filled with celebration went silent.

“It was a freak hit,” said Baltimore’s Ray Rice, another running back. “It was tough to watch. He’s like a brother to me.”

Rice said McGahee played through myriad injuries this season. By the time he lay on the field Sunday, with 3 minutes 9 seconds remaining in the game, he had carried 20 times for 60 yards.

After the collision, McGahee had movement in his arms and legs. He was talking to team doctors, but said that he felt significant pain in his neck. After several minutes, he was carted off the field.

Even in the Ravens’ sad and silent locker room, teammates expressed relief that McGahee was moving and could talk.

“He’s a battler,” Rice said. “He’s a guy who has been through a lot this year. I know what he went through, what he battled through. Not a lot of guys in this league could go through what he went through and still endure. I’m sure he will make a full recovery.”

Clark was also woozy from the hit. He walked off the field, with the help of Steelers employees, and immediately sat on the bench.

For McGahee, the collision marked another injury on another big stage. In 2003, while playing in the Fiesta Bowl for the Miami Hurricanes, McGahee had gained 67 yards and scored a touchdown. He caught a screen pass in the fourth quarter and was hit immediately by a defender. The hit tore the three ligaments in McGahee’s left knee. He overcame concerns about the injury to secure his place in the N.F.L.

This season, he shared time in the backfield with Le’Ron McClain and Rice, but McGahee still gained 671 yards and scored 7 touchdowns during the regular season.

The offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said the Ravens knew McClain would be limited against the Steelers because of injury. McGahee saw an increased workload as a result.