Kristen Stewart gets ultra nasty

Those revealing pics of her ex-boyfriend out with 37-year-old Aussie singer Sia Furler must be getting to Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson’s latest lady friend was wearing a sheer top and no bra when the flashbulbs recently caught the pair at a gig in New York.

You can see the unfortunate results here. They are enough to make an ex go crazy.

Unlike Pattinson and Furler, who kept their heads down when the paps cornered them, Stewart got all sweary and screechy when she was approached by a photographer.

A 25-second video posted on gossip site – the same site that got the pics of Pattinson and Furler – shows Stewart walking away from an unnamed paparazzo as he eggs her on.

Scroll down to see video: Warning explicit language

Asked why she told the man to go away, Stewart gives a heated response. “Because you’re a piece of s***. You don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do,” she yells.

Stewart is then seen getting into a car with a female companion.

According to X17, she then called the photographer a “f*** face” after he asked her about Pattinson.

Stewart and Pattinson split in May after failing to move on from Stewart’s infidelity last year.

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