Kidman’s unforgettable experience

Playing a woman who has lost her memory has proved the perfect part for Nicole Kidman.

In Before I Go To Sleep, the Academy Award-winning Australian actress plays Christine, a woman who wakes every day remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past until, one day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her.

Based on SJ Watson’s best-selling novel of the same name, the movie also stars fellow Oscar-winner Colin Firth as Ben, the husband she no longer knows, while British actor Mark Strong plays Dr Nasch, the man who may or may not be helping her to regain her memory.

The role of Christine is a demanding one as the character is in every scene and voyages through tremendous highs and lows.

“From the minute I read the script it got under my skin,” Kidman says.

“It’s just really hard to find great thrillers and, for me, it was such a strong thriller. It’s probably my favourite film genre and I’d been looking and looking.

“I made a film years ago called The Others and it’s one of my favourite films that I’ve made. So I’ve been looking for something that has the same sort of twists and turns and thrills, and this had that.”

For Nicole, the film offers an emotional base which, she argues,