HIMYM mother finally revealed

So that’s what she looks like.

After eight seasons of remorseless teasing, How I Met Your Mother finally revealed – wait for it – “the Mother”.

Spoilers ahead – you have been warned

And she’s no one you’ve ever heard of.

Speculation had been rife that the comedy would hire a big name to play the mysterious titular character who sweeps Ted Moseby off his feet.

Over years, the producers had viewers convinced Ted’s dream girl would come in the form of Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson or Jennifer Morrison. Basically, every female guest star was touted as a future Mrs Moseby.

But no. The actress playing “the girl with the yellow umbrella” in the closing moments of the season finale, which aired in the US last night, is Cristin Milioti, who’s known for her theatre work and some bit parts on TV – 30 Rock – but that’s about it.

HIMYM producers confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Milioti would be playing the “Mother” character in the ninth and last season of the comedy but didn’t reveal any other details.

Milioti appearance in the finale was a blink and you’ll miss it moment. She was seen at the end of a montage that showed Ted and Co on their way to Barney and Robin’s wedding.

Ted wasn’t aware she was there – he won’t get to meet her until after the wedding, which will kickstart season nine.

So expect more meandering narration from Bob Saget. Legendary!

The season eight finale will be shown in New Zealand on Four on May 20.

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