Has Home and Away jumped the shark?

Home and Away, crazier each day.

In any one week a character could contract a life-threatening disease, suffer amnesia, get stabbed in prison, be abducted by their half-brother, get hooked on drugs after hooking up with a thug, break up with their loved one, get back together with their loved one, get engaged, get married, switch sexuality, adopt a troubled child, foster a pair of troubled teens or fail their exams. If the character is particularly unlucky all of these calamities could happen at once.

The most recent run of plots have involved cancer, rape, assault, theft and a love triangle involving Summer Bay’s bad boy family. And worst of all, it’s seen the acting debut of Aussie X-Factor runner-up and Dancing with the Stars champ Johnny Ruffo.

If Summer Bay were real, the UN would be staging an intervention.

So has the Aussie soap, which is shown on TV3 in New Zealand, jumped a great white shark Long-time viewers of the show will know Summer Bay has witnessed more ludicrous plotlines but the twists and shocks of late have been relentless, all happening within the space of a month.

They’ve coincided with a huge clear-out of the cast, with three long-term cast members making shocking exits this year, and several other actors looking like they’re ready for the chop (there hasn’t been a shark attack in a long while).