Ferrari Outlaw, Justin Bieber Was Pulled Over By Police and Then Instagramed Photo’s to Friends

Bieber Got A Ticket


Justin Bieber went joyriding in a Ferrari Tuesday night and got stopped by cops.



Justin was cruising through West Hollywood around 6:30PM in a sick white Ferrari when an LA County Sheriff’s deputy hit the strobes and sirens.

Got a couple shots of the Biebs as he was pulled over. Witnesses say JB was cooperative while deputies took a closer look at his documentation … and, of course, the sick ride.


Bieber Got A Ticket 

Law enforcement sources say Bieber did get ticketed, but it’s unclear what law he allegedly broke.

Bieber’s coming off a hell of a weekend — hanging with Victoria’s Secret supermodels, and breaking up with Selena Gomez. Justin was NOT solo in the Ferrari … we’re told he had a guy friend riding shotgun.



Bieber blasted this pic over Instagram — proving the side view mirror of a Ferrari can even make cop car lights look cool.

Bieber instagrams a pic of headlights in his rear view .