Egypt’s Youthquake: At a Nerve Center of the Revolution

Egypts Youthquake: At a Nerve Center of the Revolution
On the 4th floor of an old shadowy apartment building in the heart of downtown Cairo, the tech savvy leaders of the 6th of April Youth Movement, are busy planning the Revolution. “We’re receiving calls and making calls to our members in the street,” explains Mohammed Adil, the director of the groups media office and website. “Today is the million man march so we are calling the leaders of all of our groups. We have them everywhere — Maadi, Shubra, and Giza [large towns near Cairo]. We call our members in the street to tell them what to do.”

It’s 11:30 on Tuesday morning and the dusty office space around Adil is buzzing with the idealism of two-dozen young professionals, many of them juggling four cell phones at once. They’re lawyers, accountants and web designers. They wear jeans and flip flops, colorful headscarves, and the black and white checkered keffiyahs associated with the Palestinian intifadeh. Today they are among the country’s core activists who shoulder the responsibility for the largest Egyptian uprising in more than 50 years.