DNA leads to suspect in 1970s Los Angeles serial killings

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton will reveal more about the suspect at a news conference Thursday.
A man charged this month with killing two Los Angeles women more than three decades ago may be linked to as many as 30 unsolved murders and "numerous sexual assaults," Los Angeles police said.

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton called a Thursday news conference to reveal the suspect’s name and details of the cases against him. The man, who was arrested April 2, “has been linked by DNA evidence to two LAPD cold case murders and three others in Inglewood and the County of Los Angeles,” an LAPD statement said. “Detectives believe that this suspect could be linked to as many as 25 other unsolved murder cases and numerous sexual assault cases,” the statement said. Inglewood, California, detectives and the grandson of one of the women killed will also attend the news conference, police said. The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that the cases involve mostly older women who were raped and strangled in the mid-1970s and in a second wave of killings a decade later. The first wave of attacks happened mostly on the west side of Los Angeles, attributed to what reporters then called the “Westside Rapists,” the Times said.