Chris Brown and Rihanna Still Love Eachother

     May it be Chris Brown’s emotive love song’s lyrics ”Off That Liquor” for Rihanna?

Chris Brown still reportedly has a strong feeling about Rihanna.Well everyone knows Chris Brown is still falling in love with Rihanna .Lets see what Chris says;

“There is a mutual love and feelings from both of them and they need to figure this s**t out. It’s been too much back and forth in the media and so much has been said and written and both of them have been immature towards each other in the past.”

Chris has a new single ”Off That Liquor” for about Rihanna song says; “them other girls ain’t got nothing on ya. Patron mixed with … that’s your recipe.” A source told Rihanna loves Patron tequila . “If it’s loving that you need,” for her 2005 hit.“If It’s Lovin’ That You Want,” and Come, if it’s loving that you need, from me!”

Well it’s for sure this song for Rihanna!