Censored: Beyonce’s ad too much

Beyonce, not everyone’s a fan.

The pop star/fashion icon/actress/She-ra in the flesh is everywhere, doing, it seems, almost everything, but overexposure can have its drawbacks.

A neighbourhood in New York has had enough and is waging a campaign to limit Mrs Carter’s presence there.

Non-plussed residents in the city’s Lower East Side have taken to covering up Beyonce’s bikini ads for clothing store H&M.

According to New York blog Bowerie Boogie, a bus stop billboard of Beyonce sizzling in a barely there bikini was covered up then removed. One reader told the website:

“Every day someone tapes a cover over it, now it is opaque sheeting and every day people rip it down. You can see what is left of yesterday as the white covering at the bottom of the ad. We suspect the same modesty war that exists in Williamsburg but it is daily now.”

The Lower East Side has strong conservative Jewish population but it could be that residents there just want to give there eyes a rest from Beyonce’s body and booty.

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