Album review: How Red Is The Blood – Tattletale Saints

Tattletale Saints

There is something utterly beguiling about a musician armed with a guitar and a suitcase full of memories, which need little or no adornment.

There’s nowhere to hide, the voice has to engage you and the songs have to have substance.

That’s the natural, unadulterated beauty of Tattletale Saints debut album.

Cy Winstanley has the rich voice and lyric instincts of a Paul Simon and his foil, the equally talented Vanessa McGowan adds lovely punctuation harmonies and the sort of swinging bass lines that you’d expect from a jazz musician.

These are songs, most notably Kathleen, Emily, Jessica On Prairie Legs, Molly and the only cover At Last, that have a warm fuzzy singalong quality to them, which is almost a forgotten art nowadays.

And while many of them might reference the women who got away or got in the way, Wynstanley’s frame of mind is instructional and observational. Mr Simon, you’ve got competition.

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