25 More Things I Didn’t Want to Know About You

25 More Things I Didnt Want to Know About You

Apparently I was wrong. Facebook users actually love reading 25 things about themselves. I never expected to receive so many e-mails defending a person’s right to read about how much his high school biology lab partner hates goat cheese.

According to its supporters, Facebook’s “25 Things” trend helps people understand each other, and the millions and millions of poorly punctuated revelations have united people in a way no mere chain letter ever could. How else to explain such outpourings of compassion as “I too have been injured by a ninja throwing star,” “Phlegm problems Ugh, tell me about it,” and “I am another straight man who listens to Jewel.”

It’s almost certainly a by-product of our blogging, Twittering, Flickr-photo-sharing culture that people are no longer fazed by long lists of strangers’ quirks and neuroses. So perhaps my initial take on the phenomenon was too judgmental. Maybe “25 Things About Me” is more interesting than it appears. I decided to read 25 more things and find out:

1. I used to buy Donald Trump’s toilet paper.

2. I almost stole someone’s cat last weekend.

3. I would do dirty, dirty things to Tina Fey.

4. I have always felt destined for greatness. So far, this has been a total bust.

5. My favorite activities when I was young were building forts that spanned the whole playroom, dancing to Michael Jackson and throwing my brother down the stairs.

6. I work “That’s What She Said” jokes into every conversation.