Your first new Star Wars actor is …

George Lucas says the stars of the original trilogy will be back for the new Star Wars film, but the rest of the new cast remains a mystery.

Until now.

Film geek site Latino Review has revealed that Tudors star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in talks with Disney for a role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII.

All Disney will say about the new Star Wars film is that Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt is penning the script, J.J. Abrams is directing and it’ll be filmed in the UK.

Bin-raker Luke Skywalker, Fat Keanu

However, Latino Review has pretty good record when it comes to sci-fi scoops – it was the first website to identify the real identity of the mysterious villain in Star Trek: Into Darkness – so this isn’t just fanboy speculation.

According to the website, Meyer’s name “has been thrown around a lot, especially since he has a relationship with J.J. Abrams. He appeared in Mission Impossible: III, directed by Abrams.”