What’s going on with Facebook?


Did anyone notice that Facebook is getting more complicated within each day?

The reason why people have left MySpace was MySpace was trying so hard and it was getting more complicated to communicate with people. Now Facebook is doing the same thing.

What started as a common ground for college students to communicate to each other turned something into more overwhelming than any other site ever been before. The Apps, Timeline, Posts, Updates etc.

And now Facebook started an application that allows users to see how close they are to other Facebook users.  Called “Find Friends Nearby,” the app was pulled down by Tuesday morning after the Internet freaked out. Commenters generally complaining that the feature, which was difficult to find, much less use, invades privacy and will lead to stalking.

So why do we keep using Facebook?

Because there is no competition, with more than 900 million users chances are most of your friends are on Facebook or they live on a deserted island with no internet connection.