Twitter Goes to a Washington Dinner (a.k.a. #nerdprom)

Twitter Goes to a Washington Dinner (a.k.a. #nerdprom) is following several members of the Twitterati as they attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in the enormous subterranean ballroom of the Washington Hilton on Saturday night.

The conviviality actually began in the early afternoon, with the pre-party to be at the home of former Hardball Producer Tammy Haddad. Meanwhile, the tag “#nerdprom,” given to the event by twittering dinner attendees “caused confusion” in the wider twittering world, said one outsider-tweet, “as it was scheduled between the #startrek convention and the middle aged basement dwellers meetup.” Following are selected #nerdprom tweets :

Meghan McCain, blogging for The Daily Beast, guest of ABC
Tonight I am going to be wearing tons of sparkles, tons of fabric, tons of hair and tons of makeup cause I like glamour and am not from DC!

David Carr, New York Times media correspondent
If tammy haddad’s party is any indication, #nerdprom is going to be off the hook busy. Wag: “Why r u surprised DC is last place w/any $.”

David Carr
Just met capt. Phillips, who stared down pirates. Ev year, #nerdprom pivots arnd heroes. He’ 1 og the It Boys this year.

David Carr
is todd palin the prom king of #nerdprom Rocking a nice tan suit at the garden party, chatting all comers.

David Carr
Gossip boy chace crawford, the A list of the B list of #nerdprom just walked out, at same time as prom king todd palin.

Newt Gingrich
Going to the white house correspondents dinner tonight — right now going grocery shopping — already did dry cleaner and shoe repair

Marty Eisenstadt, former McCain Adviser.
Ran into Val Kilmer, still on couch at Haddad’s house. We’re splitting cab to #nerdprom when he stands up. Could be a while.

Patrick Galvin, writer for Politico.
#nerdprom Kilmer says he’s “probably not” going to run for Governor. Video up soon…

Pete Snyder, Founder & CEO, New Media Strategies
Lots o’ nerd love at the pre-prom… D-lister 80’s stars galore. US Weekly photogs in the trees = DC a gaga

Howard Kurtz, Media correspondent, Washington Post
pics of the big afternoon pre-party on my Facebook page. Good day to put out bad news as all journos otherwise engaged. #Nerd Prom

John McQuaid, freelance journalist and author,
#nerdprom is a winking, self-deprecating term but actually shows a lack of media self-awareness: nerds aren’t this narcissistic.

John McQuaid
How did Michael Kelly bringing Fawn Hall to the ’87 WH Correspondents Dinner — a witty gesture — morph into today’s icky #nerdprom

Trashwire, a celebrity blog
So far my iPhone works at #nerdprom, but I’m hearing people say their blackberries aren’t getting a signal. #whcd

Matt Cooper, former TIME Correspondent
Is looking forward to #nerdprom, #WHCA dinner and refuses to believe this talk of rain is real.

Meghan McCain
I have the most talented hair and makeup people in the universe!! Thank you so much @joshrupley and maureen!!!! Xoxoxo!!

The Note, ABC News’ Political blog by Rick Klein and others.
Thanks to paparazzi for not crowding me on #nerdprom red carpet — still schvitzy from metro

David J. Sanders, columnist, Arkansas News
A[rianna]. Huffington creates a stir at #nerdprom arrival. Sting a first-timer

Gottalaff, political blogger
#nerdprom Newtie gets screams, but for all the wrong reasons.

Ashton Kutcher, actor
Off 2 the White house correspondents dinner. I’ll shootnlive vid if something exciting happens. Maybe Obama will take the pee challenge lol

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