The social network is considering increasing users’ ability to edit their posts.

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook users may soon be able to edit their status updates , the social networking site’s product manager has revealed. Speaking at a journalism conference, Vadim Lavrusik hinted that editing status messages would be the next step in the social network’s evolution.

Lavrusik made the comment at a social media session at a journalism conference in Las Vegas.

He was on a panel with Mark Luckie, Twitter’s manager of journalism and news, and Dan Sieberg, Google’s manager of market and media outreach.

After the session, Lavrusik declined to elaborate on the possibility of status edits, but he did say Facebook is always testing new features.

“I can tell you that users have asked for [the ability to edit statuses] a lot, and a lot of times that’s how we develop things,” he said.

“Often, Facebook sees things its users are trying to do and responds by making features that let users do those things more easily,” Lavrusik said. He noted how Facebook increased the allowed length of statuses in response to users’ requests.

A Facebook spokesperson, meanwhile, said that status post editing “is something we might consider for the future,” but that the social network has “nothing to announce at this time.”

Facebook seems to be moving away from this position lately; it launched comment editing this June, and now comes this hint about users possibly being able to edit full posts.


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