The Press: Top Apology

The Press: Top Apology
Reporters covering the bloody battles for Hills 881 near the Viet Nam
Demilitarized Zone got little cooperation from the Marines. In some
cases, Marine officers actually barred them from the battlefield. The
reporters filed the usual protests, expected the usual excuses.
Instead, last week, they received a remarkably candid apology from
Marine Commander Lieut. General Lewis W. Walt.
“It has been brought to my attention,” he wrote, “that your efforts to
report the recent battle near Khe Sanh were seriously hampered and
even ignored by some of my Marines in responsible positions. The lack
of briefings, transportation, freedom of movement, and in some cases
common courtesy, are sources of real embarrassment to me.
This matter is being investigated, and steps have already been taken to
prevent recurrence. Please accept my sincere apologies.”