That Guy Leigh Hart returns to TV

That Guy Leigh Hart is back on Kiwi TV screens with his latest show The Late Night Big Breakfast. He talks to James Croot about the programme, which reunites the Olympico team of himself, Jason Hoyte and Jeremy Wells.

Where did the inspiration for the show come from

A segment in a series we used to do called Moon TV. It was a short section that we felt could work in a longer form.

You guys have worked together before on the likes of the Olympico show – what makes yourself Jason (Hoyte) and Jeremy (Wells) such an effective team

We can make being highly ineffective, look effective. Both Jeremy and Jason have a great sense of what makes good TV, and more importantly bad TV. Plus, we all get on well.

Who have you got lined up for the series as guests and anyone in particular who you would really have liked to have gotten

The guests aren’t your regular crop of New Zealand celebrities, rather everyday real people who you might see guesting on a regular Breakfast show, though if we could have got Scarlett Johansson on the show we would have. She is yet to return my calls, or faxes.

Who is the king of the chat show format and why Both here and overseas.

Overseas, I would probably say David Letterman. Closer to home, Rawdon Christie and Ali Pugh. We are trying to get Ali to jump ship and join our show.

Why is New Zealand notoriously bad at the real version of this kind of show

I wouldn’t say we are. Breakfast TV is what it is and I think we do a fine job here. Our show only differs in the fact that it’s a Breakfast show at night and we probably drink a little more.

What are the keys to a successful lifestyle or chat show then

I think a major key is the chemistry between the presenters and having good infomercials! We each do our share on the infomercial front. Jas does the ones for rectal and other health problems, Jeremy and I split the others between us.

What to you is the quintessential New Zealand TV lifestyle or chat show moment (Brendan Pongia farting Yulia’s crazy musical number Something from Paul Henry’s back catalogue)

Brendan Pongia farting could be up there. We have him shortlisted to do some flatulence infomercials.

What’s been the biggest challenge of putting this show together

The biggest challenge has probably been certain key bits of furniture getting sold from under us mid-show. The show is filmed in a Target furniture store.

It’s hard to keep continuity and is confusing for the guests.

What do you hope viewers take away from the show

If nothing else I hope the viewers take away some of the amazing products we sell during the show. If each viewer buys a Late Night Breakfast coffee cup we could all retire.

What is the current state of Kiwi comedy on TV from your perspective and how has that changed in last decade

I think New Zealand comedy is in a great state. There are many great shows, I would say to the point that we don’t need to ask that question all the time.

Ad Feedback

In any country to have one good comedy show you need three bad ones and New Zealanders are prepared to accept that now. I am not sure what side of the equation this show will sit, but at the end of the day it’s a Breakfast show not a comedy show.

The Late Night Big Breakfast 10.05pm, Thursdays, TV One

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