Album review: Dear Mark Mulcahy, I Love You – Mark Mulcahy

DEAR MARK J MULCAHY, I LOVE YOU Mark Mulcahy (Southbound) When Mark Mulcahy’s wife died suddenly in 2008 aged 41, some of his fans put together a tribute album – with star turns by Michael Stipe, Thom Yorke, Mercury Rev, The National and Dinosaur Jr. So if such luminaries like him, how come the rest of the world have taken such a long time to catch on – after all, he’s been out there three decades and has five previous solo full-lengthers as well as his 80s band Miracle Legion back catalogue His strangely gentle psychedelic sound supports wonderfully observant street poetry – like Lou Reed backed by The Presidents of the USA with the occasional flute thrown in for good luck