Surviving Apocalypse Z

It’s the year 2013 and New Zealand is in the grip of the zombie virus.

Military outposts are set up in an attempt to control the outbreak, but cities fall, overridden by those infected with the ‘Z’ virus.

But there’s still one final outpost: Aotea Square, Auckland City.

It is occupied by a skeleton crew of soldiers holding on in the hope of evacuation and when a broadcast brings a crowd of survivors, all must band together to ensure survival.

Welcome to Apocalypse Z, an interactive theatre experience, not for the faint hearted. Royale Productions’ new play will take the audience on a journey of survival and the human spirit.

Told in real time, Apocalypse Z is performed in a purpose built, fenced-off military zone in Auckland’s town centre, Aotea Square.

“When the audience arrive they will immediately be thrust into the role of survivors who have gathered in hope of being transported to safety.’