Spencer Pratt ‘barely having sex’ with Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag tied the knot earlier this year, but aren't having kids anytime soon.
There are many things most people would rather not dwell upon when considering the facts behind the marriage between Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, perhaps the most reviled pairing in reality TV.

Thank God sex isn’t really a fact in their marriage, according to Pratt. Speaking to the New York Post’s PopWrap on Tuesday, Pratt, 26, said that he’s tried to prevent Montag, 23, from realizing her dreams of becoming a young mother — by refusing her sex. “I’m not even kidding, my wife — OK, I’m gonna get crass here — but we’re barely having sex because I’m scared that she’s gonna have a baby,” he said. “That’s the level our marriage is on right now. I’m not even kidding — my wife has me debating cutting off my nuts.” Hidden Fear Behind his abstinence is his fear that Montag might go off her birth control without telling him, he said. “She’s not the kind of person who would lie — she would just walk away and not answer the question,” he said. “So yes, I’m very concerned. Our sex life has dramatically changed recently.”

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Pratt, who hints that he’d like to go on a double-date with President Barack and Michelle Obama to “share the spotlight,” and bashes frequent “Speidi” mocker Joel McHale, host of “The Soup,” as “a struggling wannabe actor just clowning on reality stars,” also gets in a dig at Lauren Conrad — whom he claims quit the MTV reality show only as a ruse to get more money. “She quit ‘The Hills’ because Speidi was getting more famous than her. So she quit thinking the show would end, but she was wrong. Her ego ruined her life and her career,” he said. “I pray for her every day and we’d all love for her to come back to ‘The Hills’ when she realizes her move didn’t work.”