Someone Taped Live Box Turtle To Balloons And Sets It Sailing Through The Air

California residents discovered a box turtle tied to balloons and stuck in a tree.


A woman looked up into a tree in front of her house and saw a group of balloons that had floated down to the tree. Upon further observation, the California resident discovered a turtle had been taped about the abdomen and set sail with the balloons. The poor creature was helplessly flailing its arms and legs in an attempt to free itself from the air above the branches on which it was stuck.


Upon realizing she needed help to rescue the turtle, Ms. Chanel Wright, called the humane society and fire department. The turtle was eventually rescued and Ms. Wright says after the humane society completes its investigation into whom may have done this to the turtle, she and her family will give the traumatized animal a permanent home.


If law enforcement is able to discover the perpetrator of this gross animal abuse, they person(s) responsible could face charges of animal cruelty.