Sam Lufti “Britney Shaved Her Head To Hide Drug Evidence”

Is this mystery finally solved? Was she doing this to destroy any trace residue of hard core drugs she may have been taking?

The mystery behind Britney Spears breakdown at the hair salon may be answered. 



Britney Spears was super-paranoid that her hair contained traces of the hardcore drugs she was using — and that’s why she shaved it off  during her infamous 2007 meltdown … at least according to Sam Lutfi.

Sam’s lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, has been telling the court … Britney was a serious drug-abuser, who had a penchant for crystal meth.

Britney may have believed that if she shaved off her hair, she could beat the drug test.


The Star May Have Feared A Positive Drug Test Would Effect the Custody of Her Children 

Schleimer suggested Britney was concerned that a judge would test her hair for drugs — and when it turned up positive, she would lose custody of her kids.

So, Britney … being Britney …believed that if she chopped off her hair, she could beat the drug test, at least that’s what Lutfi’s lawyer is implying.
Britney’s side has yet to respond.