Psy Is the New King of YouTube

It is time for Justin to hand his crown to a bigger sensation “Psy”

There is a new King of YouTube, as Psy and his hit “Gangnam Style” have become the most- watched video of all time on Saturday (November 24).

Psy also holds the Guiness World Record for the most liked video.

The previous record was set by Justin Bieber  for his hit upload “Baby” in 2010.

The South Korean’s dance clip has 805,055,375 official views on YouTube, while Bieber’s hit “Baby” is at 803,847,584 official views.

Psy achieved the record in only four months (the clip was released in July) an accomplishment he wasn’t afraid to brag about on Twitter. “’Gangnam Style’ just became the most watched video @YouTube!! History,” he tweeted soon after setting the new record, Celebrity Gossip reported.

The dance song has become a pop culture sensation. Madonna, Britney Spears, MC Hammer and the cast of “Jersey Shore” have all danced to it. The term “Gangnam style” is a reference to life in the Gangnam district of Seoul.