Power Rangers to film in New Zealand

The upcoming Power Rangers series, Power Rangers Dino Charge, will be returning to shoot in Auckland later this year – featuring a New Zealand actor among the superhero team.

Kiwi actor James Davies will join the group of ordinary tens who morph into superheroes and save the world from evil.

The new season will be eligible for the New Zealand Screen Production Grant, meeting criteria for bringing significant economic benefits to the country.

It is being executive produced by Haim Saban and Judd Lynn and produced by New Zealander Sally Campbell and Saban Brands’ Brian Casentini.

New Zealand Film Commission CE Dave Gibson says the show has historically been a platform for the country’s talent to launch overseas careers.

“Having up-and-coming New Zealand talent actively participating in the creative process is something we value highly and forms part of a long-term strategy to develop New Zealand expertise.”

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