J Mascis continues his winning streak


Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey split

Nick Cannon has confirmed reports that he and wife Mariah Carey have separated.

It was recently reported that the America’s Got Talent host and his singer spouse had split in May.

But after remaining silent over the allegations for the past few days, Cannon has come forward to admit the news is true.

“There is trouble in paradise,” Cannon told Yahoo’s The Insider. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

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However, Cannon insisted he and Carey are doing their utmost not to put their three-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe in the middle of their personal issues.


The Block contestants dish up goss

In four days time, the third season of The Block NZ will be hitting our television screens, with TV3 again playing host to the Kiwi reality programme.

According to an unscientific poll done here on Stuff.co.nz – 60 per cent of the 3,425 readers who responded apparently won’t be watching the show. However, we have a feeling it is one of those ‘shameful TV indulgences’ that people don’t admit to, like watching Shortland Street or The Kardashians.

With the contestants already renovating for a few weeks, and life on The Block well underway, we get some inside scoop from the new teams on what to expect when the show begins next week …


Is this the most misogynistic movie of the year?


It’s hard to decide at which stage in the viewing process that I realised seeing The Inbetweeners 2 was a terrible mistake, but if I had to narrow it down to a single moment it would probably be when Will (Will McKenzie) projectile vomited in a public swimming pool, his face covered in sh*t, while Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor played.

That, or seeing one of my favourite Australian actors, David Field, have to say the line “That’s as soppy as the last thing I had my dick in.”

Yes, I went to


NZ musician Robert Scott has a day job

Robert Scott talks about his new solo album, his day job, and touring with The Clean.

The pivotal member of Flying Nun bands The Bats and The Clean has dashed home for lunch from Port Chalmers School on the Otago Harbour.

“I work as a teacher aide,” Scott says at around 12.38pm. “I work with different classes from five-year-olds all the way up to 12-year-olds. It’s good, the school is flexible when I need to go away on tour.”

He made an album collaborating with children from the school once called Chalmers Greatest Hits.

“It came out on Powertool Records five or six years ago.”

But we have convened to speak about his new solo pop-rock album, Green House, the follow-up to 2010s marvellous Run Together.

Out on Flying Nun, it sees Scott collaborating with Hollie Fullbrook (Tiny Ruins) on five tracks, with extra guitar lines courtesy of Tristan Dingemans (HDU) and drums provided by Rob Falconer.

“Everyone seems to like it so far,” Scott says affably. “It seems like the work I put into it is paying off.”

It was recorded in a relaxed fashion, sporadically, with Dale Cotton at the helm over the course of 18 months.

“We worked a couple of nights a week, then had maybe a month off. There was no rush to it.”

Scott says he’s pretty much writing and thinking about music all day.

“When I’m working with the children … I make music whenever I can. I pretty much have a guitar with me all day, subconsciously I do a lot of it during the day, some songs come out randomly.”

The mood is set firmly to gentle on Green House, intimate stories beautifully told and with a haunting almost spiritual dimension with the inclusion of Tiny Ruins’ unique voice.

There is subtle humour, too. He didn’t own a Lazy Boy chair before he wrote the song of the same name. But a friend loaned him one for the video and it is now a permanent feature in his home.

Each song has its own tale, from the languid guitar monster , to gentle ballads like album highlight Show.

“There is a laidback feel to them. They are observations on life and relationships, work … some of them are made up, some are not.”

Found recordings feature everything from vehicles on Hear the Hondas, to the night Scott went outside his home to record frogs in his garden. The album cover art is a picture Scott took of a “particularly interesting” goat.

“There are lots of little elements like that.”

Tiny Ruins was enlisted to add her beautiful vocals to the album when Scott discovered she was visiting Dunedin on tour and persuaded her to stay for a few days.

“It worked out well,” he says in his understated way.

The children of Port Chalmers School are missing out on music lessons from a New Zealand music legend this month while Scott tours the United States with The Clean.

When we speak, Hamish and David Kilgour are patiently waiting for Scott to join them in the United States where The Clean will perform their first gigs in Alabama and Georgia.

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“I’m the last one to get there,” Scott says. “I go straight from work to tour then straight back to work again. I don’t seem to add in any days off for myself. We are playing places we haven’t played before, it will be good fun.”

He’ll bring home a few stories for the children when he returns.

He may be a member of New Zealand music royalty, but in his day job Scott has experienced dramas with Novopay.

“They overpaid me by $350 and I had to pay it back at $10 a week. I was lucky, there were so many people who were underpaid. If politicians were underpaid it would be fixed pretty quickly I imagine.”

Robert Scott’s album, Green House, is out now. See flyingout.co.nz

– The Press


BBC warns Jeremy Clarkson he’s not untouchable

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t see a problem with his perceived racist outbursts but his bosses are warning he is not “untouchable.

BBC director of television, Danny Cohen, told the Edinburgh International Television Festival the BBC was like a football team and no player was bigger than the team, The Telegraph reported.

“No one show or person is bigger than the BBC and that includes me. I found (the language) entirely unacceptable.”

Top Gear and Clarkson have been caught up in a number of racism rows in recent years, including calling Mexican’s fat and lazy, referring to an Asian man as a ”slope” during a Burma special and Clarkson reportedly using the n-word in previously unseen footage.

After the n-word fallout, Clarkson posted a video online “begging” people for forgiveness.

But according to Cohen, the controversial motoring show presenter still “doesn’t see a problem” with some of the language he used and thought the BBC “overreacted” to accusations of racism on the show.

He disagreed with someone at the television festival who claimed that Clarkson was “untouchable”

“I was very, very clear in public and in private that I was incredibly unhappy with his language.

“I have made that really clear. Jeremy knows that’s my position and that’s going to impact on the way the show is thought about in the future.”

A lot of people thought he had overreacted to the n-word saga, he said.

“I disagree. I don’t think it’s an over-reaction.

“He [Clarkson] disagrees too, by the way. He doesn’t see a problem with some of the language used – I do.

“I think it’s unacceptable, I’ve made that really really clear to him and we’ll go from there.”

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Miley Cyrus would move to NZ

Miley Cyrus would hide on a farm if “s*** was going down”.

The singer is currently on her Bangerz Tour with the North American leg wrapping up in Mexico on September 21.

She’s announced a show in New Zealand on October 8 and is already making plans to relocate there should she need to.

“[I’d move there] if s*** was going down,” she said in an interview with Jack Tame on TV One’s Seven Sharp last night.

“No one hates New Zealand really. Everybody is pretty chill.

“I’ve said I’m moving there, it seems pretty safe. You get a giant farm, you go hideout somewhere.”

It’s not just her tour that’s keeping the 21-year-old busy – she’s also been announced as an attendee at Monday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The star made headlines when she performed with Robin Thicke at last year’s awards ceremony. Cyrus started provocatively twerking on the 37-year-old, wearing just a tiny nude bra top and hotpants.

According to E! Online, an MTV rep has confirmed the controversy from 2013 wasn’t enough to put Cyrus off and that she’ll be returning for the show.

This year, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande will kick things off with a performance of their catchy collaboration Bang Bang.



Harry Potter helped shape the political culture of a generation

The idea that entertainment has an effect on our politics might seem ludicrous to some. Many would scoff at the notion that the Star Wars saga might have influenced the political socialisation of Generation X. Or that the music that the baby boomers listened to played a supporting role in the development of that generation’s politics.

And perhaps, most ridiculous of all, is the idea that JK Rowling’s immensely popular tale of the boy-who-lived could have played a role in the political development of that generation, the Millenials. Let alone an election result. But this is exactly what some recent research of mine indicates.

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I found empirical support for the idea that the Harry Potter series influenced the political values and perspectives of the generation that came of age with these books. Reading the books correlated with greater levels of acceptance for out-groups, higher political tolerance, less predisposition to authoritarianism, greater support for equality, and greater opposition to the use of violence and torture. As Harry Potter fans will have noted, these are major themes repeated throughout the series. These correlations remained significant even when applying more sophisticated statistical analyses – when controlling for, among other things, parental influence.

I’m not saying, Rita Skeeter like, that “Harry Potter helped Obama get elected”


Brother-sister duo Brood over success

Caleb Nott, of latest New Zealand music sensation Broods, talks to Vicki Anderson about being catapulted to international acclaim.

When Caleb and Georgia Nott arrived at the round, 13-storey high Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood to sign a major record deal, they looked at each in panic.

“When we got there, we looked at each other,” Caleb says. “Why haven’t we been practicing our signatures the whole plane ride We sat there looking at the contract, wondering how to do our signatures. It was pretty nerve-racking.”

The Nelson siblings who perform as Broods joined the label’s roster alongside the likes of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, Elton John, Katy Perry and current boy band sensation 5 Seconds of Summer.


Top 10 MTV VMA’s best moments ever

The MTV video music awards (VMAs) are renowned for throwing up some of the more memorable performances and moments in the year of entertainment.

This year’s awards will be held on Monday and will feature Kiwi songstress Lorde presenting an award, as well as being nominated in two categories.

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It has been 30 years since Madonna sat atop a wedding cake before rolling around on the stage at the first awards ceremony.

In honour of that, we have compiled our list of the most memorable moments in the history of the VMAs.

1. Kanye West and Taylor Swift
“Ima let you finish” is perhaps the most famous phrase to come out of the noughties.
West had just stormed on stage as Swift was starting her acceptance speech for best female video, snatched the microphone from her but told her he would let her finish.
He didn’t. Instead, he proceeded to tell her why Beyonce should have won the award.
The awkwardness is amazing.

2. Madonna kisses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera