Musician Tommy Lee Is Being Sued Over A Roller Coaster Drum Stunt

Tommy Lee’s Drum Roller Coaster

A lawsuit claiming that Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, copied a design pitched to him for a “drum Roller Coaster” and took it as his own has been filed.


Tommy Lee’s Drum Roller Coaster 

The man who claims he invented Tommy Lee’s awesome roller coaster drum solo thing has kept his word, officially following through on a promise

Tommy Lee, Drummer for Motley Crue

to sue the drummer,  for allegedly jacking his design.


The Engineer Who Was OR Wasn’t Behind It

L.A. based engineer Scott King filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming he approached Lee back in 1991 with an initial design for a drum-roller coaster for his concerts … and Lee jacked it for Motley Crue’s 2011 tour.

Now King is suing Lee for stealing his idea — demanding at least $400,000 in damages.


Advanced Warning Was Given

King sent Lee a warning shot last month, in the form of a legal letter, promising to sue if Lee didn’t pay up. Well, Lee didn’t pay up.


Lee Responds 

Lee’s attorneys responded to King’s letter claiming King’s full of crap, he never pitched Lee Squat.