Mumbai attack suspect a Pakistan national

A surveillance video appears to show a gunman shoot at a desk in the Hotel Trident in November.
The main suspect captured alive in last year’s Mumbai terror attacks declared Monday that he is a Pakistani national, prosecutors said.

The Indian government has long said that the three-day siege in November was carried out by Lakshar-e-Tayyiba, a Pakistan-based outfit. India has urged Pakistan to destroy what it called terrorist infrastructure in that country. The suspect on Monday also requested legal aid, special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told CNN. “(Mohammad Ajmal) Kasab told the court he would like to have a lawyer from the legal-aid committee,” Nikam said. The court, which heard Kasab via video link from a Mumbai jail, was due to give its decision at 2:30 p.m. Monday local time (5 a.m. Monday EDT), Nikam added.

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The court said there would be no restrictions on reporting “actual” proceedings related to the case, but broadcast of any video purportedly of the attack scene remained banned, Nikam added. Indian prosecutors have requested a two-week adjournment of the Mumbai hearing, saying the cell and other infrastructure required to link Kasab with the court were not fully ready.