Mercedes May Help Owners Get Inexpensive Auto Insurance with Safer Car

Mercedes May Help Owners Get Inexpensive Auto Insurance with Safer Car
Mercedes  has long been known as one of the safest vehicles on the road, but that hasn’t stopped the car manufacturer from attempting accident free driving. Its newest protocol, the Experimental Safety Vehicle, demonstrates some impressive new features that could reduce injury and death, and possibly even accidents. If brought to market, you can bet you will see inexpensive auto insurance rates for drivers of Mercedes.

The car essentially turns itself into a giant airbag just before impact to protect the driver and passengers inside. Here’s how it works.

There are video cameras and infrared sensors around the vehicle that can “see” an accident before it happens and react accordingly. This foresight is what Mercedes calls “pre-safety.”

If the car detects danger, the seats move inward up to 50 millimeters, which is supposed to reduce the force of impact on those in the car by one third. Airbags are activated before impact, and get this: there is a giant airbag located on the undercarriage of the vehicle that further absorbs impact. We wouldn’t be surprised if insurers offer inexpensive auto insurance rates for this feature alone.

This braking bag is mounted at the front of the Mercedes, and can raise the car up to 8 centimeters to help the car slow and reduce brake dive caused by slamming on the brake. When the car lifts thanks to the airbag, the passengers are pushed back in their seats, which keeps them safer.

It gets even more space aged. Sensors in the vehicle can actually determine a passenger’s weight and size and adjust accordingly the expansion and tension of each airbag to accommodate each person. Passengers in the back are protected by seatbelt mounted airbags, a feature we haven’t yet seen in other vehicles thus far.

There are even metallic pockets in the body of the car that pop out to further absorb any impact. If the car senses another car behind you that may slam into you, the car flashes the brake lights to warn the driver. Future models of Mercedes may also offer a child safety seat that opens in the back and interior airbags that keep passengers from landing on each other in case of a rollover.

Why Inexpensive Auto Insurance Companies Love Mercedes

It seems pretty clear that Mercedes’ objective is to prevent accidents, or at least reduce the impact of those that occur. Car insurers look to minimize risk, and they offer discounts and incentives to owners of vehicles that have safety measures, such as airbags or anti-lock brakes.

Because Mercedes goes way above and beyond the average safety components for a vehicle, we suspect that insurers will find even more ways to offer inexpensive auto insurance to drivers of Mercedes as a way to reward them for buying smartly.

This, in turn, may encourage other car manufacturers to implement similar safety precautions. They might even become required of all car manufacturers one day, since they:

* Help keep drivers and passengers safe on the roads
* Reduce traffic jams caused by accidents
* Decrease public funds spent on law enforcement and medical personnel to attend to accidents

Mercedes is at the forefront of the car safety revolution. Look for these new safety features in upcoming models. Prices for safety equipped vehicles may be high with the first few models, but as the company finds ways to bring down the cost for manufacturing the new components, Mercedes owners will see a respite in price. Still, if you are getting inexpensive auto insurance, you can afford to pay for those safety components!