Look Out Boys! Super Hot Cougar Demi Moore is Single Again!

Demi’s New Love Just Couldn’t keep Up With Her Hard-Partying Life Style!


Demi Moore and her newest young love have broken things off, he couldn’t deal with her all night partying anymore!


26-Year-Old Art Dealer Breaks It Off, He’s Looking for A More Mature Woman


This time the 50-year-old mother of three has sunk her claws into 26-year-old New York City-based art dealer, Vito Schnabel, sources say.

“When it comes to Demi, history keeps repeating it­self,” noted an insider.

“She’s pertrified of losing her looks so she hangs around with a guy young enough to be her son. She’s even bragging that Vito is her ‘little boy­friend.’ ”


Vito Into Older Women 


Man-about-town Vito, the son of famed artist and film director Julian Schnabel, has already romanced several older women, including model Elle Macpherson, 48, and

Demi Moore may be trying to woo Leonardo DiCaprio Again

actress Liv Tyler, 35.

He caught the eye of “Ghost” star Demi – who split from hubby Ashton Kutch­er, 34, over a year ago – at a lavish birth­day bash that her pal model Naomi Camp­bell threw for her wealthy Russian beau, Vladislav Doronin, in India in early Novem­ber.

“Demi and Vito were the talk of the party because they made a scene dirty dancing and kissing in front of everyone,” revealed the insider.

“Now Demi’s showing Vito off like he’s some prized acquisition. Having him on her arm is taking the sting away from knowing that Ashton has fallen for Mila Kunis.

“But Demi’s friends are cer­tain Vito will dump her when he gets bored. The only thing Vito is in love with is atten­tion, and dating Demi is raising his profile.”


She’s Trying To Woo Back Ex Leonardo DiCaprio 


Demi’s Out On The Prowl Again!

As The ENQUIRER has reported, love-hungry Demi tried to woo back one-time beau Leonardo DiCaprio, 38, but he wants noth­ing to do with the washed-up “Striptease” star. She’s also faked a romance with New Zealand actor Martin Henderson, 38.

“Demi is acting like the cat that ate the canary, but the truth is she and Vito have nothing in common except a sexual attraction,” said the source.

“Besides that, he spends his time in New York City, Miami and Europe, while Demi is based in L.A. The rela­tionship is already doomed.”

And after her recent wild antic in Miami, sources say, it’s OVER.