Lil’ Wayne in ‘unstable’ condition

Lil’ Wayne is in the hospital again in critical condition, it has been reported.

The rapper was allegedly taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital where he spent several hours being treated for seizures.

TMZ reports Lil’ Wayne was found unconscious in his room by one of his bodyguards just hours after his release.

Apparently he was rushed back to the same Los Angeles medical centre, but this time the star did not come to his senses.

It is said that Lil’ Wayne is “unstable” in an induced coma at the Intensive Care Unit.

Sources tell the website the musician’s body has been tied down with restraints because he is “shaking uncontrollably”.

The scene has been described as “violent”.

Witnesses reveal that a number of loved ones are crying around his hospital bed and peers from the music industry as well as other family are rushing to get to the facility to be by his side.

It is thought Lil’ Wayne went on a “Sizzurp binge”. The concoction also known as Purple Drank includes prescription strength cough syrup containing codeine as its primary ingredient.

Lil’ Wayne is rumoured to have gotten his stomach pumped three times to expunge his system of the opiate.

Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, suffered two seizures during a flight last October.

He later revealed he was prescribed medication by his doctor to treat the condition.

“I don’t want y’all to think I’m on nothing, man. I’m on seizure medicine, that’s all,” he told MTV in November.

The star didn’t make a big deal about the seizures at the time, with his camp quick to put the spell down to dehydration.

However, Lil’ Wayne explained that doctors advised him to follow a new health regimen as a result of the episode.

But while he was following the rules by taking the prevention medicines prescribed, the controversial hip-hop star wasn’t too keen on sticking to the rest of the physicians’ advice.

“They said I gotta drink four water bottles a day, that’s what the doctors say,” Wayne continued almost in disbelief. “I just came from the doctor. I ain’t drinking four water bottles, but everything’s good.”

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