Inside the pet hospital

Janie Smith visits Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, the setting for a new Prime documentary series.

Whether it is X-raying an injured tui or performing lifesaving surgery on a horse, the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is the place for the job.

At any given time there are dozens of creatures being assessed, diagnosed, treated and put in recovery.

A quick tour of the complex reveals dogs, cats, birds, horses and an extremely pungent goat named Rudolf.

The Palmerston North hospital is the focus of a new Prime series called The Animal Files which showcases the work carried out on a variety of animals, from native birds and domestic pets to tigers.

Hospital director Janet Molyneux says the show is a great opportunity to let people know about what takes place at the facility.

“I think there’s a very small part of the public who know what we do, or that we’re here at all, so it’s a great opportunity to let people know and profile what we do so they can get help for their pets. And the same for vets… we’ve got a really good relationship with vets around the country and it’s always good to remind them that if they want that next tier of help and support that it’s here.”

The hospital, in which final-year veterinary undergraduates work alongside senior clinical staff, has four specialised units – the companion animal hospital, which deals with small pets, the equine hospital, the