Injured prime minister returns to Zimbabwe for wife’s funeral

The vehicle the couple were traveling in was left overturned off the highway.
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has arrived back in Zimbabwe from Botswana ahead of his wife’s funeral on Wednesday, according to an MDC party spokesman.

Tsvangirai was flown to Botswana on Saturday for treatment following a car crash on Friday that killed his wife. “He’s badly bruised and is receiving treatment,” a Botswanan government source said Saturday. Tsvangirai left a hospital in Zimbabwe where he had been treated for head injuries from the wreck. Video showed the prime minister walking out of the hospital with a baseball cap over his bandaged head. The prime minister’s party, the Movement for Democratic Change, suspects the crash was an assassination attempt and wants an independent inquiry conducted. Susan Tsvangirai’s body will be take to Glamis stadium in Harare for a church service on Tuesday, said a party spokesman Nelson Chamisa. The funeral will take place Wednesday in their rural village of Buhera, south of the capital, Harare.

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The accident on Friday happened when a truck collided with Tsvangirai’s vehicle on a a busy two-lane highway between Buhera and Harare. MDC members told CNN that Tsvangirai believed the driver deliberately drove toward him. The prime minister told one MDC official that “the truck came straight for him.” Other MDC officials concurred with the official’s account.