In A New Ad That Some Are Labeling “Health Terrorism” the Horrors of Habitual Methamphetamine Use is Shown

The Tragedy of Chronic Meth Use..




The truth is not easy, the truth about meth use is down right scary, and the other thing….  sometimes after just one dose, you just cannot stop! New ad highlights what exposure to methamphetamines can do to the body.


A New Ad Campaign


A new anti-crystal meth campaign featuring the warped mugshots of alleged repeat users is scary, but is it effective at discouraging drug abuse? Not really, say researchers.

The “Horros of Methamphetamines,” launched by, claims to show the physical self-destruction that the drug is capable of.


Faces of Victims


The faces of youthful, virile men and women booked on meth-related charges rapidly mutate as the same individuals are arrested again and again. They transform into haggard, gaunt and unkempt visages just a few years after the apparent downward spiral began.

Acne litters what was once unblemished skin, rosy cheeks hollow out and tangled clumps of hair replace neat ‘dos. The online poster warns that these are telltale signs of decay unleashed by prolonged, illegal crystal meth use.


Putting Out Material to Create Real Awareness


“I think it’s definitely more effective when people can see the outcome of what abusing that substance might be, it becomes more concrete in a person’s mind,” said Dan Tynski,’s project manager. “We’re going to be putting out lots of material that creates awareness about drug abuse.”


If That Were Not Enough to Send Women and Girls Fleeing from this Drug that Will RUIN Your Look – Here is the ULTIMATE TRAGEDY, Watch Below to See The Devastation of Meth Addiction as Related to New Born Babies!