Humphries won’t ‘back down’

Kris Humphries is reportedly looking to prove estranged wife Kim Kardashian staged their honeymoon.

The 32-year-old reality star and 28-year-old professional basketball player are currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle.

He alleges Kardashian used their 72-day marriage for publicity and is pushing for annulment.

Kardashian sat for a deposition on the matter recently in which Radar Online reports she confessed she was “reluctant” to go on holiday after they wed.

Apparently she was most concerned with her professional interests and Humphries’ attorneys are looking to use the honeymoon as evidence against her.

“Kris was the one to push for the honeymoon. Kim didn’t want to go on the honeymoon because they were scheduled to move to New York City to begin filming Kourtney & Kim Take New York. She also complained she was stressed out from planning the wedding,” a source told Radar Online.

“Kris was stunned and very hurt because it was important to him that they go away. Remember, he wasn’t playing basketball at the time because of the NBA strike, and they wouldn’t be able to take one for a year.

“Kim finally relented. Kris was absolutely dumbfounded when a photographer appeared out of nowhere and started taking pics of them by the pool. Kim happily posed, and Kris realised her camp had arranged it.”

Humphries has refused to walk away with a simple dissolution.

Although he may be fined for not showing up to court last week for a divorce settlement hearing, apparently the athlete will not consider letting Kardashian win.

“[The chances of coming to an agreement] are slim to none unless Kim signs off on the annulment,” the insider claimed.
“Kris has come this far in the proceedings, and isn’t going to back down now.”

The divorce trial is set to commence May 6.

Kardashian won several legal victories this week, as the judge banned cameras from the courtroom and denied hearing Humphries’ demands to read Kardashian ‘s emails on closed accounts before their trial starts.

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