Friends reunion rumours are false

An internet Friend-zy (sorry) incurred as reports that beloved nineties sitcom, Friends, would revive Smelly Cat sonics and Monica’s OCD for an entire season, come November next year.

Over the weekend a radio station in Oklahoma posted a picture of the show’s iconic orange couch on Facebook emblazoned with the words “Friends: The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014” captioned with “This is the best Sunday news, evar!”

The fake teaser image and an incorrect report by Star Media garnered a great deal of attention, but, sadly, both have since been debunked by Warner Bros via The Huffington Post.

The studio that brought us Ross, Rachel and the Rest “confirmed that there will be no Friends reunion” to the news juggernaut, citing no reason, other than the reports are unfounded.

-The Vine

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