Friday Funny: Spies like us

Fletcher, Ian Fletcher… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Bond, James Bond.

It has been an ugly couple of weeks for Prime Minister John Key and our top spies, with first the ruckus over Key’s role in Fletcher’s appointment as the GCSB boss and then the revelations that more than 80 Kiwis were possibly illegally spied on.

So, for this week’s Friday Funny we’ve come up with a top 10 list of people/groups the PM might like to consider calling on for help in the event of another crisis. We’ve also put together a video briefing on the candidates for him to peruse, above.

Watch the video and vote on your favourite in the poll:

Austin Powers

Think of those teeth. Now, does he make you horny baby No Interesting. This super-corny spy, frozen in the 70s, to be brought back to life in modern day does well with the ladies but is he too high profile for our, normally, low profile spooks Perhaps not.

James Bond

007 is the ultimate debonair assassin. When he utters those three words it gets both the lads and lasses going (for different reasons). “Bond, James Bond…” Did you feel a shiver Unfortunately, his wine and dine ways don’t really fit in with the Government’s austerity push.

Maxwell Smart

A meld of James Bond and Inspector Clouseau, agent Maxwell Smart (86) and his female partner (99),