Five Types of People Who’s Friendship Requests Should be Ignored on Facebook

Wondering whether or not to accept the request from your boss? Or you sister's Exe? Read further for some tips on who not to accept a request from and why.



Does anyone remember back when you had to have a college email address to join Facebook? Or shortly after, when you pretty much new everyone who sent you friend request? Then it got bigger…. and even more exciting to receive requests from friends you haven’t seen in years.


Things have changed and Facebook is no longer just for personal use. Every type of company has a link to “Like” them on Facebook and what’s worse; there seems to be infinite reasons someone might want to friend you on the super popular social networking application. With a number of greater than 900,000,000 Facebook users, it can be a confusing puzzle to solve, when faced with a new friend request


Courtney Palis at The Huffington Post Made a List of Five Types of People Everyone Should Avoid Friending.


Five Types of Friendship Requests to Ignore When Possible



  • If you are wondering why, read my early post regarding the Aussie girl whose family was robbed at gunpoint because she posted TMI about her grandmothers in-home savings

People Who Friend Everyone

  • You know the type who has 2 thousand friends and rarely leaves the house
  • If you are wondering why to avoid this type…  please see reason one

Loved One’s Exes

  • Because, unless they are good friends with their exe; they are probably only friending you as a way to cyber stalk their exe (your loved one)

Your Boss

  • Because things you post could potentially get you fired

People who post everything

  • Unless you enjoy knowing what your neighbor’s cat had for breakfast, it’s best to ignore this type as well


This is not a complete list of course; it’s up to your judgment. Just who do you want knowing the details about your experiences last night when you post them at 4 am before you have had a chance to sober up?  My best friend has been avoiding his mother’s friend request for about two years now.