Feel the force of my fist, Who fan

Star Wars and Dr Who fans have finally settled the age-old question of who’s the hardest.

It turns out neither, although both are equally sad.

Team Jedi and Team Dalek squared up to each other at a sci-fi convention in England earlier this week after a falling out over an autograph.

Punches were allegedly thrown, costumes allegedly ripped, threats allegedly made – all resulting in a visit from the police.

According to the BBC, trouble kicked off when members of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club were refused entry to a fair hosted by the rival Norwich Star Wars Club at the University of East Anglia.

The rival fans have months of bad blood between them, but the breaking point was when a member of the Norwich Sci Fi Club asked actor Graham Cole – who once played a Cyberman in Doctor Who – for his signature.

Norwich Star Wars Club president Richard Walker wasn’t impressed and asked the Who fan, Jim Poole, 44, to leave.

“I told him I wanted him to go as he’d caused enough trouble in the past. But he refused to leave. It was wrong for him to come in and cause a scene. There has been a long-running saga.”

Poole claimed Walker used force. “I called the police as I believed I was the victim of a common law assault. Mr Walker was abusive and threatening, saying he’d ‘knock my f***ing head off’.”

Police urged the rival gangs to stay out of each other’s way.

Poole told The Sun: “I was put in a police car. We were both interviewed by the police and told to stay away from each other.

“This wasn’t a fight between Star Wars fans and Doctor Who fans with lightsabers and sonic screwdrivers drawn – it’s a bit sad and pathetic.”

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