Ex-Miss California USA: Pageant director never supported me

Carrie Prejean says pageant officials wanted her to make appearances for Playboy and a gay movie premiere.
Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean wants to set the record straight.

Prejean garnered widespread criticism when she declared her opposition to same-sex marriage in a response to a question posed to her during the Miss USA pageant. Prejean was allowed to keep her Miss California USA crown in May, despite a controversy over topless photos and missed appearances. However, state pageant Executive Director Keith Lewis took her crown on Wednesday, saying it was a business decision based solely on “contract violations.” Prejean offered her side of the story when she spoke with CNN’s Larry King on Friday. She also discussed whether she would sue to reclaim her title and her future plans. The following is an edited version of the interview. Larry King: You’ve had a couple of days now, Carrie, to think it all over and it’s sunk in. What are your feelings today Carrie Prejean: I’m definitely a little bit surprised just by the way that I found out about this. You know, I was called by the media to inform me that I was fired. King: Are you saying the pageant didn’t call you Prejean: No. I haven’t received any phone calls. In fact, my lawyer found out from the media, as well, before we received any contact. I still have not, to this day, received any contact from Mr. Lewis. King: Now, since they were so supportive of you at the time and after the Trump announcement, what do you make of the fact that they didn’t call you Prejean: Well, I think Mr. Trump was definitely in the middle. And I think that, you know, he has only heard one side.

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Ultimately, at the end of the day, you have to think about, Are you going to release Mr. Keith Lewis or are you going to release Carrie Prejean I think that they had to release the beauty queen at the end of the day. King: How do you respond to (charges from Lewis) Prejean: Well, Larry, all I can tell you was this basically comes down to the answer that I gave the night of the pageant. As you can see, Mr. Lewis does not agree with the stance that I took. I think he’s very angry. I think he’s hurt. He said in a previous statement that he’s deeply saddened and hurt that — what Carrie Prejean believes in — a marriage is between a man and a woman. Politics and religion have no play in the Miss California family. My question is, then why was the question asked at the pageant in the first place If politics has no role in the pageant, why was I given this question It was a hidden personal agenda that judge No. 8 asked, and I think that they were not ready for my answer that I gave. King: Let’s say they were upset by your remarks. They didn’t like your answer. Why didn’t they just tell Donald Trump », we’re unhappy and let’s pick the runner-up or whatever Prejean: He absolutely did. I mean Keith Lewis held a press conference in Los Angeles and didn’t invite me to the press conference and, you know, awarded the first runner up as the new ambassador of California. That is just undermining me and undermining his own titleholder from day one. Watch how e-mails between Prejean, Lewis may have contributed to firing » As far as the other appearances, I’ve had some inappropriate appearances that Keith Lewis has asked me to do. And I’m sure you’re aware of them already — one of them being Playboy; another one being a reality show which is being filmed in Costa Rica. So had I said yes to these, I mean, I would have been out of the country. Again, Playboy, I couldn’t believe. I was completely shocked that he would even pass this along to me. Another one was a gay movie premiere that he wanted me to attend incognito. He actually said he wanted me to wear a hat and go in disguise and attend this movie premiere promoting gay marriage and then come out with a statement the next day saying that Carrie Prejean attended a gay movie premiere. It just doesn’t seem right, Larry, does it King: Are you now sorry you even entered. Or, in retrospect, has this been a boom for you publicity-wise Prejean: You know, this isn’t something that I signed up for, Larry. I simply entered in a pageant, the Miss California USA contest, and I gave an answer that a lot of people weren’t expecting. The bottom line, I took a stand, and I think I am now being punished for the answer that I gave. This isn’t about contracts. This isn’t about me missing out on appearances. If you want to ask Keith Lewis any appearances that I have made prior to the Miss California U.S. pageant, I will guarantee you, Larry, he will not even — he can’t even tell you an appearance that he — he scheduled for me. This isn’t about appearances. This isn’t about a breach of contract. This is about Keith Lewis not agreeing with the stance that I took on saving traditional marriage. And from day one, he wanted me out. King: Well, are you going to sue, Carrie Prejean: That’s — you know, that’s something that is not something that I want to — I want to do. I think that what’s going on is wrong. And I think that there is definitely some information that is missing. And I know that sooner or later, the truth will come out and people will recognize here who’s right and who’s wrong. King: What are your lawyers telling you to do or advising you to do Prejean: You know, that’s up to my lawyers to determine whether or not they think that there will be a lawsuit involved. But that’s not up to me, at this point. King: What are you going to do right now, career-wise Prejean: Well, first of all, I want to thank the millions of viewers. I know you have so many viewers on your show, Larry. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you to all the Californians who have supported me, who backed me, who sent me thousands of letters and e-mails. I just want to thank you so much for your prayers, for your support. And I know that when God is for you, no one can be against you. So thank you. King: Can you tell us what you’re going to do, though

Prejean: I’m not sure. Definitely some — a lot of offers — opportunities have come my way, a lot of offers. I’m just really excited. I feel relieved. I feel just so blessed and so honored to have represented the state of California. And I’m ready to move on with my life and just be where God leads me.