Cruise ship grounded off Antarctica coast

The Ocean Nova, seen on a previous voyage, has a total of 106 people on board.
The owners of a cruise ship that ran aground in Marguerite Bay, Antarctica, are hoping high tide will dislodge the ship Wednesday, a company statement said.

Connecticut-based Quark Expeditions said the M/V Ocean Nova became stranded Tuesday in the bay not far from an Argentine research base. Marguerite Bay is about 900 miles south of the tip of South America. The ship is carrying 65 passengers and 41 crew members, Quark Expeditions said. All those aboard the vessel “remain safe and calm,” the company statement said. The ship’s captain is awaiting high tide to make another attempt to move the vessel. “The midnight operation will occur in daylight, as the ship is below the Antarctic Circle, where the sun never sets during February. We anticipate a positive outcome,” Quark Expeditions president Patrick Shaw said. The captain is also waiting for divers from the Spanish naval ship the HespĂ©rides to inspect the hull of the Nova to make sure it’s not damaged, the statement said.