Chinese Man Divorces and Sues His Wife for Being Ugly

Both of these photos show Jian Feng’s Chinese wife. Before (L) and after (R) she underwent $100,000 of plastic surgery.

A man from northern China who divorced his wife before suing her earlier this year for being ugly has won $120,000 in a lawsuit. 

The man, who was identified as Jian Feng, accused his wife of cheating him on following the birth of their daughter.

Gazing into his baby daughter’s eyes, Feng was repulsed.

He apparently then went on to describe his child as horrifically ugly, with no resemblance to him or his wife.

The story suggested Feng immediately suspected his wife of having an affair, incredulous at the possibility that he could have spawned such an offspring,  according to Fox 31.

Jian’s wife, who was not identified, admitted to the court that she had spent $100,000 on intensive plastic surgery to change her appearance before she met Jian but added that she had never told this to her husband.

Jian won the lawsuit after arguing that the woman convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.