CHAMIQUE HOLDSCLAW Flipped Out Over Break-up with Ex-GF, Jennifer Lacey

Jennifer Lacy & Chamique Holdsclaw


Jennifer Lacy fears her ex, Chamique Holdsclaw, went on a violent rampage after their breakup. 




WNBA star Jennifer Lacy believes her ex-GF Chamique Holdsclaw bashed in her car, and fired a gun because she was upset Jennifer broke up with her last year … this according to sources connected to the situation.


Four Year Relationship 

We’re told … Jennifer and Chamique dated for roughly 4 years … and broke up sometime last year. Jennifer is NOT dating anyone else.


Lacy Said Goodbye 

Our sources say Jennifer is the one who decided to end the relationship … and apparently, the split didn’t sit well with Holdsclaw.


Lacy Fears For Life 

After the attack, we’re told Chamique desperately tried to contact Jennifer, but Lacy — still afraid for her life — did not respond.   Holdsclaw was arrested last night — after turning herself in to Atlanta police.
We’re told Jennifer is upset and embarrassed by the situation — but as one source puts it, “She really hopes that Chamique gets the help she needs.”


Crime Scene Photos of Jennifer’s Car