Celebrity Chef to Cook Christmas Dinner for Celebrity Couple

Hollywood’s power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have already planned their festive feast and have drafted the TV chef in for the basting duties.

Celeb chef … Jamie Oliver

A source said: “Jamie has been pals with Brad since he was married to Jennifer Aniston and Angie likes him too.

“Jamie will be heading to their Surrey mansion to help prepare Christmas dinner.

“Brad asked him to do it after he begged Jamie for cookery lessons last year. Jamie tried to teach him but he’s useless in the kitchen.”

The actor wanted tips from the telly chef because taking his six kids out for meals with nannies and minders is like a military operation.

While Brad’s cooking skills leave a lot to be desired, it was recently revealed he is obsessed with cleaning.

A source said: ‘Brad has always been an attentive father, but recently he’s becoming more domesticated, too.

‘The couple have a lot of help around the home, but Brad’s started getting quite into sorting out the washing and doing the ironing himself.

‘He’s been pottering around the house a bit while Ange is away, and it helps to keep him occupied.

‘He likes nothing more than doing a bit of housework before getting the kids to help him prepare dinner, which they love.

‘He’s turned into a right Mr. Muscle. He’s also been going to the local supermarket, and runs errands to the local dry cleaners in Camberley.’