California woman mistaken for suspect in girl’s killing

Melissa Huckaby of Manteca, California, is also a 28-year-old Sunday school teacher.
Yes, she is 28. Yes, she is a Sunday school teacher, and yes, her name is Melissa Huckaby.

But the woman from Manteca, California, said she wants people to know that she is not that Melissa Huckaby. This Melissa Huckaby lives about 14 miles from Tracy, California, where the other one was arrested and accused of raping and killing 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. That hasn’t stopped national talk shows from calling her and people from threatening her, forcing her friends to bring guns to church in an effort to protect her. Her MySpace page has been mistaken so many times for the one of the murder suspect that she has had to shut it down, Huckaby said. “They hear the name, and a lot of people think it’s me,” Huckaby told CNN affiliate KOVR-TV. “I was getting hate mail.”

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Even Melissa Huckaby of Manteca has noticed the similarities with her namesake in nearby Tracy. Watch how the Manteca woman deals with the confusion » Not only are they the same age and both teach Sunday school, the two women resemble each other slightly. Melissa Huckaby of Tracy is accused of killing an 8-year-old playmate of her 5-year-old daughter.

Melissa Huckaby of Manteca has two daughters — 8 and 5. But that’s where the similarities end, the Manteca woman said, noting that she’s never even received a speeding ticket.