Best iPhone Apps for Dad

Best iPhone Apps for Dad

Dads may be sweet and uncomplaining, but they’re also impossible to buy presents for. But if your dad has an iPhone, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the perfect apps for fathers of all ages. Some are even free. Not that you need to tell him that.

Does your dad hit the links Maybe with his socks pulled up to the knee His fashion sense may be irredeemable, but teeing off with GolfCard can up the cool factor a bit. This app keeps track of scores and analyzes trends in a player’s game by comparing it to previous rounds. Find local greens with the GPS range finder and track ball distance too. When the round is over, he can email his scores to everyone he just played with or upload them to the golf social networking site,

There’s no need to wear a bulky tool belt anymore since this app comes complete with five different tools that fit in the palm of your hand. Use the bubble level to verify if your floor tile installations are flat or recently hung pictures are remotely even, and try out the protractor for planning bathroom renovations and roofing projects. There’s no Allen wrench, so don’t expect any help setting up that IKEA bedroom set.

Download GasCubby to track gas mileage and vehicle upkeep. Dad can enter in the price he pays per gallon, total gallons used and overall cost. Then the app calculates the trip’s MPGs and overall efficiency. Chart this information over time to see where money is being wasted or saved and email the data to your home computer to set up reminders for regular maintenance appointments.

Grill Guide
All dads think they’re masters of the grill, but most need help—help that they will never ever ask for. Download the iPhone’s Grill Guide and your dad can quietly measure the thickness of a chicken breast or rib eye steak with the digital ruler, and then look up how long the meat should be grilled for and at what temperature. There are ninety-five foods on file including ground lamb, salmon and even fennel and pumpkin.

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