Aussie Girl Photo’s Family Fortune Putting the Rest of the Family in Danger as Armed Robbers Break in Look for the Cash


Opportunistic villains kept an eye on Facebook, waiting for hot tip on a good mark




In Sydney, Australia a teenage girl posted a few to many details about her family (As seven-teen-year-old girls often do). Only this time, it didn’t go unnoticed.


She posted on Facebook a picture of herself in front of a large sum of money that she was helping her seventy-two-year-old grandma to count. It was her personal savings she kept at her private residence in Sydney. The post attracted more attention than she has expected. Instead of comments and likes from friends, two unidentified armed men showed up at the teen’s family home to demand the money.

Luckily family was unharmed, after searching through the house, invaders only took a little sum of cash and some personal belongings of the family and left.


Police are searching for the men. Maybe this incident will make people think twice before posting any picture on social media sites.  Perhaps it would be prudent to add a social media awareness class to high school curriculums.