Auckland’s summer still green

Auckland’s only outdoor summer festival has a new venue but it’s still all green.

The annual Tuborg Summer Sunday has switched from Matakana north of Auckland to the Oval at North Harbour Stadium, is now on a Saturday, March 18, and has a new name Sounds On.

”The Oval isn’t quite the same as Matakana Park but I still love the clean green ethos behind Sounds On,” says Jamie ”Maitreya” Greenslade, best known for his work with Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison in The Babysitters Circus.

Maitreya, is green by name, ethos and performance in terms of his most recent collaborator Kong Fooey.

”Haha! Greenstone around my neck and a green approach to lyricism. I guess you could say we’ll be green too cos it’ll be just our second gig together,” he says. ”I hope to leave nothing but my foot prints, some good vibrations and enjoy the primo line-up of bands.”

Although Kong Foeey and Maitreya are both from Christchurch originally, they started collaborating after a chance meeting at the Ponsonby Food Hall in Christchurch six months ago.

”I really enjoy working with the sounds and rhythms he’s getting into,” Greensalde says of their collaboration which has yielded the single Let Go featuring Madame Butterfly. ”He’s an ex heavy metal drummer so there’s always some real interesting stuff happening in the beat. Plus he’s got some dope artists I’m getting to collaborate on the collaborations with like Madam Butterfly and MC Topaz who is a sick female MC.”

The line-up at Summer Sounds includes The Black Seeds, Home Brew, Katchafire, David Dallas, TrinityRoots, AHoriBuzz, Tahuna Breaks, Tiki Taane (playing an acoustic set), Dan Aux & Tali, DJ Sir-Vere ft Che Fu, PNC & K One and Eavesdrop.

In keeping with the festival’s ”sustainable” message,